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Short film
Som Pastor
HD 1920x1080
Borja Zausen

Miguel is 11 years old and lives in Ses Olleries in the suburb of Santa Eugenia. “To live in the city, no way”, he says. He wakes up every morning and takes care of his animals before going to school. The worst is that “you have to feed them, every day, every day…” He feeds them and kills them to give food to his family, it’s important to know what you’re eating and where it’s from. He created an association called La Asociación de Niños Payeses “to sow the land and pass the time. And that what he does. He enjoys his childhood, knowing that it is essential to grow up and became a responsible adult. He is a local hero. This is the story of a kid who thinks like a wise and experienced man.

Awards and/or festivals:

Sección Oficial Internacional

XX Ficma, Italy

Corto E Fieno Rural Film Festival, Italy

Grand Paradiso Film Festival, 2016 Italy

Cinemadamare International Film Festival, 2016 Italy

Ratma International Film Festival, 2016 Keighley, UK

Escales Documentaires De La Rochelle 2016 France

Bienal Internacional De Video Y Cine Videofest 2016, Mexico

Euroasia Shorts, Washington DC, USA

Festival Internacional Pelican, Tulcea, Romania

Farcume – Festival de Curtas-Metragens de Faro, Portugal


Sección Oficial Nacional

Minidoc, 2016

Cortada Film Laburren Lehiaketa, 2016

Ko&Digital: Festival Internacional De Cine Solidario, 2016

Festival De Cine E Infancia Y Adolescencia, 2016

Festival Internacional De Cinema De Menorca 2016

Muestra Cine De Ascaso, 2016

XXVII Fict Torrelavega 2016

Rendibú, 2016

Festival De Cine Independiente De Elche, 2016

Agro Film Festival, 2016

Festival De Cortometrajes K-Lidoskopi , Cullera 2016

Mostremp Mostra De Cine Rural, 2016



Best Documentary XXVII Octubre Corto

Second Best Short Film Award XXV Festival de Cine de Madrid

Jury Special Mention KNCD

Audience Award II Festival Internacional de Cine Carlos Velo

Jury Special Mention IX FIC CAT

Best Documentary and “Artivist of the Year” Borja Zausen. REFLECTA

Best Documentary Festival de Cortometrajes Lo Cercacurts De Montornés De Segarra, 2016

Best Documentary FORADCAMP Muestra de Cine con la Naturaleza, 2016

First Academic Price  XIX Certamen Internacional De Cortos De Soria 2017


Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender
Som Pastor 2015 8' HD 1920x1080 Documentary