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Arturo Dueñas

Arturo Dueñas

Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
run, run, run 2007 digital documentary social arturo dueñas arturo dueñas

Short film shot in new York national Day of protest against police brutality.

pucela square 2008 digital fiction arturo dueñas arturo dueñas

Project to celebrate the centenary of the town hall of Valladolid.

un paseo en rolls 2009 digital fiction terror arturo dueñas arturo dueñas
aficionados 2010 95´ digital fiction experimental arturo dueñas arturo dueñas and mano del hado producciones

‘Aficionados’ is an experimental film that emerges of a collective creation, from the construction of characters. With a screenplay with no dialogues and without treatment, the actors improvised during the recording days. It was shot in the homes and workplaces of the actors, with sequence shots and handheld camera, and was edited by selecting fragments from different takes, in a sort of elliptical edition.

corsarios 2015 125´ digital documentary social arturo dueñas la esgueva films

Documentary that pays homage to the Corsair Theatre. In 2012 the company fulfilled 30 years of existence, during which it has put on foot other assemblies. He has recovered the Spanish classical theatre and has become a cultural reference of Castile and León. At the same time, he loses by death his charismatic founder and director, Fernando Urdiales, which opens a question about his future. It is thirty years of theatre that summarizes the recent history of Spain and symbolizes the courage to renounce everything for a passion.