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Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
libra 2006 35mm fiction drama carlota coronado koridor s.l.

Two weeks. That’s what Libra’s main character asks for. Two weeks that can change her life.

el misterio del pez 2008 10´ 35mm animation giovanni maccelli koridor s.l., carlota coronado and giovanni maccelli.

Once upon a time, there was an old man that went fishing every day and every day he caught the same fish.

el mueble de las fotos 2009 2´30" 35mm fiction comedy giovanni maccelli zampando producciones

The piece of furniture in the living room is my family’s shop window.

luciérnaga 2010 35mm fiction drama carlota coronado zampando producciones

A girl crosses the city repeating the same word: firefly, firefly, firefly…

sólo un detalle 2010 hd fiction thriller giovanni maccelli zampando producciones

Today is the bad day for Anna.

asesinato en la villa 2011 2´40" 35mm ficción comedy carlota coronado zampando producciones

The coincidence is that a young boy and a lady are reading the same book , “Murder at the villa”, while waiting for the bus. He has just discovered the murderer, and she is reading the first pages of the book.

turno de noche 2011 16´ 35mm fiction terror carlos ruano zampando producciones

Night close. An empty mal. Two characters and… dummies.

dinosaurios en 3d 2012 17´ dcp documentary juan beiro zampando producciones

Madrid preserved monumental theaters built during the golden age of the cinema and now have become shops or supermarkets. They are true 3D dinosaurs that speak of our most recent past.

helsinki 2013 15´ dcp fiction comedy juan beiro zampando producciones

Waiting for closing time, Carmen and Lola are watching a science-fiction movie in the pub where they work. Lola, the most naïve of the two, fantasizes about how to meet a time traveller and a great idea comes up: they should write a letter to a time traveller! Right now! A while later, the pub door opens and… Will Lola and Carmen discover their future?

juan y la nube 2014 15´ dcp animation giovanni maccelli zampando producciones

Juan is a child who doesn’t have any friends. La Nube is a cloud who doesn’t have any cloud friends. They find each other and become friends. However, Juan grows up and gets lost in the grey adult world.

escoria 2015 dcp animation giovanni maccelli zampando producciones

What if Kafka’s Metamorphosis were reversed?

vainilla 2015 10´ dcp fiction drama juan beiro zampando producciones

Life is talking about silly stuff with the people you love.

hasta luego cariño 2016 10´ dcp fiction drama antonello novellino zampando producciones

Every one, at least once in his life, has suffered the lost of a loved one.

33% 2016 hd fiction drama carlota coronado zampando producciones

The 33% of spanish teenagers thinks…

16 semanas 2017 dcp fiction drama carlota coronado zampando producciones

Vanessa is the perfect candidate for the job, but…

el hombrecillo de papel 2017 13´ dcp animation elena del moral zampando producciones

A little girl named ANA is bored because it´s raining and she can´t go out and play with her friends. She tries to amuse herself with the computer, videogames… but she quits after a short while and decides to play with some old newspapers. Finally she decides to cut out a little paper man from a huge newspaper page.