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Dany Campos

Dany Campos

Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
nadie es perfecto 1995 14 supervhs fiction comedy dany campos pedro baenas and dany campos

The chained stories of several people in a city remind us that nobody is perfect.

el sueño erótico 1997 25 betacam sp fiction oniric dany campos dany campos

The inhabitants of a house maintain hostile relations with one another… until they have a crossed erotic dream.

cartas de amor 2000 8 minidv fiction comedy tragic dany campos dany campos

Two old lovers meet again after decades. They find out what really wrecked their relationship.

atraco en la gran final 2001 13 35mm fiction comedy dany campos dany campos

Two guys robe the Santiago Bernabeu box office in the final of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

orcajo: la belleza y la destrucción 2005 25 minidv documentary art dany campos dany campos

Review of the work of the Spanish painter Ángel Orcajo.

el canto del grillo 2006 17 super 16mm fiction drama dany campos joan borrell and dany campos

Peru wants to change his life, but making that decision could have serious consequences for him.

play4áfrica 2010 25´ x 4 hd documentary miniserie dany campos tve

The Play4Africa expedition covers 16 countries from Egypt to South Africa delivering sports equipment for children.

clara. el mar 2010 14 hd ficción romantic dany campos josé egea and dany campos

Clara and Tomás are getting married. But Clara wants to be sure of her decision by testing Tomás.

el método existencial 2015 5 2k fiction comedy dany campos dany campos

Sergio tells Laura the existential conclusions he has reached, but a good dose of feminine intuition will put an end to his soliloquy.

faw 2016 22 full hd fiction drama dany campos pedro j. poveda, juan a. poveda and dany campos

Frida gets the call from an ex-boyfriend. She comes in the hope of taking back what they abandoned months ago, but the meeting turns out to be something totally unexpected for her.

loop 2016 6´ x 4 webserie fiction fantastic drama dany campos escuela de actores unir

The inhabitants of a city begin to live unexpected situations after Clara decides to change their routine.

avería 2017 12 full hd fiction comedy dany campos dany campos

Alicia and Salo meet after 15 years, from the University. What seemed like an encounter between old classmates becomes something crazy and unexpected.