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Javier Polo

Javier Polo

Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
andar dos kilómetros en línea recta 2011 11´ digital fiction javier polo brazo auxi polo

Juan is a prisoner of the provincial prison that is serving a sentence and that, every day, he walks 2 kilometres, but he can only do it in sections of 16 steps, which are between the two walls of the prison yard. His obsession is to get out of prison so he can walk that distance in a straight line.

las altas aceras 2017 24´ hd documentary biographic javier polo brazo auxi polo

It recounts the daily life of Paco Aguilar, humorist and Sevillian communicator. An overcoming story that addresses, from humour, how it confronts its degenerative disease.