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Gorka Bastida

Gorka Bastida

Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
do i…? 2015 hd fiction romantic drama elisa drabben and gorka bastida hétor martín

One couple struggles everyday, learning how to live together without hurting each other. ¿How much do coincidence and serendipity interfere in human relationships? ¿Are some happenings simply delivered to us or do we reach for them without realising?

simone 2016 hd fiction science fiction gorka bastida laura redondo and irene ortega

Have you ever wondered what would happen if society based its whole perceptive system on audition instead of sight? Simone is a professor of Art History in a world were sonars and high-voltage speakers have replaced streetlamps, billboards and traffic signals.

el maletín 2016 12´ hd fiction black comedy gorka bastida hétor martín

Mortimer W. Ferguson is another trashy employee at the Thompson’s Powerful Industrial Shredders, the most powerful paper shredders in the world. But everyone stops being just another trashy employee when you accidentally kill your boss, which is also your father-in-law.

si menor 2016 20´ hd fiction dramatic comedy gorka bastida and teresa enríquez adam choukrallah, teresa enríquez and gorka bastida

Fer is a young man who doesn’t relate to the orgy of parties and distractions that represents his own generation. In order to balance the equation, he spends time chatting with the imaginary figure of his 60-year-old psychiatrist.

raro (muy raro) 2017 hd fiction comedy gorka bastida wanteik films

Summer. The Sun is now warmer than ever in the city of Madrid. A couple sunbathes in peace and tranquility… If it weren’t for the extremely odd hypochondria suffered by one of them.