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Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
pelo bueno pelo malo 2008 20´ betacam documentary ethnic miguel parra miguel parra and natalia alonso

In Dominican Republic for women hair is very important. They say Good hair to the one that looks like the white women, and bad hair to the one of the people of the neighbor country, Haiti. Maybe to wear the hair in one way or another it is not just a question of esthetic, but a sign of something deeper socially speaking.

sin respuesta 2011 11´ digital fiction drama miguel parra miguel parra

Lola Works in a bank. Her job is about to call those how are not paying the debts they own to her company. Lola believe in what she does, till one day, when things get twisted leaving her absolutely speechless.

rawan16/07 2016 13´ digital fiction drama miguel parra miguel parra

Rawan has taken the big decision of her life: Within 24 hours she will be departing to Siria to be involved in the war. Nontheless, as the time to leave gets closer, some coincidences will put her determination on a hold.

el jardín de vero 2018 18´ digital fiction tragicomedy miguel parra miguel parra

Vero has decided to survive, regardless that In politics she´s conservative but now she needs to give a party to some Chinese entrepreneur, that her husband is getting a solidarity attack and, of course, regardless to the fact that in her garder there is a mass grave of soldiers executed without a trial during the Spanish civil war. Sometimes, when past reappears, there is no empathie that could win apathie.