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Silvia Rey Canudo

Silvia Rey Canudo

Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
dios sabe 2012 63´ hd documentary social history silvia rey silvia rey

May 2011. Two earthquakes devastate the small town of Lorca, in southern Spain. A few weeks later, the neighbors, still in shock, can return to their homes.

el puerto, no 2015 13´ minidvd experimental silvia rey silvia rey

I dreamed that I returned to my house years after the earthquake. The building was demolished but there was still a corner that reached the attic, where I lived. Suddenly the last wall fell and everything was submerged under the sea.

saldremos de la crisis, (pero habrá que sacrificar una generación) 2016 hd experimental silvia rey silvia rey

“Silvia Rey brings to the Spanish context the lugubrious tone of The Little Macabre by Edward Gorey, and manages to name – in just 100 seconds – all those that this crisis has left behind.” The way the director sharpens the alphabet The American author converts what would be a direct denunciation into a deeper allegory about that generation that is already in limbo”. Andrea Morán Ferrés.

wan xia. la última luz del atardecer. 2018 23´ 4k documentary / fiction silvia rey silvia rey

Foundation of the Republic and Small Law are two old people who frequent the center of Chinese majors of Usera, in Madrid. During the preparations for the Chinese New Year, one of the elders dies and a series of electrical problems begin to happen in the club that threaten to ruin the celebration.