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Alberto Díaz López

Alberto Díaz López

Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
stringless 2013 14 2k experimental alberto díaz alberto díaz

A violinist desperately plays against her own existence. The effort, the overcoming and the struggle are the only guide to reach her dreams. The attempt to achieve perfection leaves stigmas on her body; however, nothing seems to matter when the objective caresses complete freedom, without any ties…

lembranza 2017 21 súper8 and hd documentary essay alberto díaz alberto díaz

Remembering a past when we didn’t exist we build the image of a future to come. “Lembranza” seizes the memories belonging to the family history of artists and builds on this intimacy to propose an essay about time, memory and the image. The relations, gestures and conditions shape an essential discussion about the art of cinema.

exhalación 2017 15 4k experimental alberto díaz alberto díaz

We come to the world with an exhalation and we leave it with another one. Everything in between is a frenetic, shuddering sigh, a brief transit in the act of living. It is a casual coincidence that the union of two cells, should face a final consequence: death. The last act that makes us return to it.