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Alfonso Domingo Álvaro

Alfonso Domingo Álvaro

Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
madrid, 11 m: todos íbamos en ese tren 2004 110´ multiple documentary social complaint multiple. 23 directors multiple

A documentary realized by 23 Spanish filmmakers on the attempts of 11 M in Madrid, with special dedication to the histories of the victims.

bajo todas las banderas, españoles en la iigm 2009 118´ hd documentary history alfonso domingo argonauta producciones, tvg, canal historia, tve

A revision to the diverse fronts where the Spanish fought in the World War II, with special attention to Russia, France and Germany.

dormíamos, despertamos 2012 90´ multiple documentary history alfonso domingo, andrés linares, twiggy hirota y daniel quiñones. argonauta producciones, hirota films, andres linares pc.

A portrait of the movement 15M from inside realized by four filmmakers for one year.

héroes invisibles, afroamericanos en la guerra de españa 2015 75´ hd and betacam documentary history alfonso domingo and jordi torrent. argonauta producciones and duende pictures.

The history of the Afro-Americans who came to fight in the war of Spain for a freedom that they they were questioning in his own country. It counts James Yates’s history, one of the volunteers whose life changed forever after coming to fight for the Spanish republic II.

melchor rodríguez, el ángel rojo 2016 82´ hd documentary biographic alfonso domingo argonauta producciones

Melchor Rodríguez García, a native of Seville, a former bullfighter, an anarchist of the CNT-FAI, saved the lives of thousands of right-wing people during the Spanish Civil War.

la serpiente líquida 2017 73´ hd documentary nature alfonso domingo producciones nueva argonauta

Many trips can be done across the basin of the Amazon, this liquid serpent of more than seven thousand kilometres where nothing is what seems. An exterior trip but especially an internal trip, where the milestones them mark the shamans and the substances enteogénicas, and the time enters another dimension. Realized with materials rolled from 1986 up to the current importance, across 30 years, this documentary is an invitation to travel across the Amazonian basins of Peru, Colombia and Brazil and to travelling likewise in the time, across the rites and myths that get lost in the origin of his history and culture.