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Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
simbiosis 2015 11´ 4k fiction drama deborah guerrero deborah guerrero

Two sisters united by independency show their tense relationship, fed by the maternal figure.

sin ánimo de lucro 2016 4k fiction tragicomedy deborah guerrero deborah guerrero and paula foncea

Two brothers keep a short conversation about their father´s inheritance. He is a policeman. She is unemployed. And the end, we´ll discover the destination of goods.

la bibliotecaria 2017 23´ 4k fiction thriller deborah guerrero deborah guerrero

Lucia is the administrator of one old library, with no many costumers. When she meets Claudia, she feels really attracted by her. what becomes on a unmeasured behaviour. The guard will not overlook any of the intentions.