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Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
evströnger 2017 10´ 2:35 fiction black comedy silvia conesa silvia conesa

Marta and David are a couple politically committed to society and somewhat anti-capitalist. They try to ‘ do things right ‘, everyone else, being consistent with their values. But, Martha’s parents give them a furniture that they must mountain themselves. Will the installation instructions follow the letter?

hamelin 2018 10´ 2:35 fiction terror silvia conesa silvia conesa and pablo rivas

In a not too distant future, a well-off couple, Clara and Juan, adquire the services of ‘ Youcare ‘, a company that educate your son for you, in your own home and in a comfortable and simple way: you just have to press a button when your child is misbehaved. However, the consequences for his son Ruben will not be as they would have wished.

polvotron 500 2018 11´ 2:35 fiction science fiction silvia conesa and pablo rivas pablo rivas and silvia conesa

Year 2065. Charly is a gray man in a world without hope, dominated by big corporations, where everything has a price, even rest without being besieged by publicity. Charly sleeps in an old holographic booth, Polvotrón 500, to avoid being disturbed. But one night, accidentally, he actives the resident sexual hologram, ‘ Nicky ‘, not knowing that it is a new model with improved quantum intelligence.